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About Business Associated

What is Business Associated?

Business Associated, is a platform designed to mimic the natural way that business professionals meet and transact business in a faster, cheaper, more efficient way. Business Associated accomplishes this through its own website ( and by enabling individuals and organizations around the world to create their own branded online professional communities.

How is Business Associated different?

Business Associated is unique from other business networking sites because it focuses on the early stage professional or company. These individuals and companies are looking to build their first professional circle and want to be accessible to people and new opportunities. They need tools and services that promote both themselves and their current professional offering. They want to interact and create while keeping their social and business lives separate. They do not want to promote their resume, past experience, or limit their accessibility. They are here to transact business.

Why use Business Associated for your professional community?

A single Business Associated powered community can serve as a platform for an entire business; all Business Associated communities represent a constantly growing commercial universe that spans the globe. Now every company or organization can have their own branded and personally governed online professional networking suite. This includes analytical tools, demographic information, and the ability to generate income. Business Associated business communities cover industry trade groups, geographic based communities, or corporate points of presence.